My name is Kim Dalmeijer. I’m a father, former professional photographer and I own an IT company. Passionate about images and I love creating photos of all sorts of subjects. Whatever I need to wow myself.


I like to challenge myself. I love to learn, discover and explore. To try new techniques and sometimes invent my own. My photographic interests range from model photography to astrophotography and landscape photography. Whatever makes my heart skip a beat is what I wish to show and share with you.

If you would like to collaborate or interact with me somehow, just contact me. I’m always open and interested!

I used to be a professional photographer.

You’ll still find a lot of my work with the Kidogo logo, the former name of my business. However, in 2012 I stopped with the photography business due to the economic crisis. I went back to IT and I currently run my own business in IT.